DEIE aims at culminating leaders of the future all around the world.

Leaders of the future should be confident individuals, who are able to communicate with English and Chinese, possess a creative mind, and care for their neighbours and for this world that we all live in.

We invite investors, governments and educators to partner with DEIE to offer Early Childhood Education institutions for your future generations.

Interested parties can also purchase a franchise to open new International kindergartens or to re-brand and upgrade their current schools.

Interested parties please email to Mr. Yick at


DEIE’s uniqueness lies in:

  • a curriculum in which pupils learn to communicate and achieve proficient literacy skills in English & Chinese. We will also dedicate time for the mother tongue of the students if DEIE happens to be in a place where the mother tongue is neither English nor Chinese.
  • a multi-cultural approach to engaging with the changing world through incorporating blended learning techniques into our instruction
  • the use of drama and other performing arts to facilitate learning and encourage pupils to develop their creativity, expressiveness and self-confidence

DEIE will offer support to:

  • Look for the right premise, negotiate lease terms and re-work your budget
  • Sign the lease, start renovation, submit proper applications to government for necessary licenses
  • Recruit teachers & staff
  • Grant license to start running Dramatic English Education Centres right after renovation finishes
  • Marketing
  • Enroll students
  • Manage teachers and their training